Wilesco D406 Model Steam Traction Engine Black/Brass

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This model steam tractor has polished brass and a matte black finish. Solid brass boiler with lacquer finish. Superbly engineered with forward and reverse control valve. Double-acting brass cylinder, spring loaded safety valve, water gauge glass, steam whistle,steam jet oiler and footbridge. Exhaust steam is vented to the chimney to give a realistic appearance. Traditional worm gear chain drive which can be operated from the rear cab with the steering wheel. Flywheel with grooved pulley. Clutch engaged gear wheel, permitting the use of the machine as a stationary steam engine. Boiler capacity 39.34 cu inches.Working pressure about 10 p.s.i. Runs for 15 minutes. Fired by solid fuel tablets. Measures 11"L x 5 3/4"W x 7 1/4"H.